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Each Hjalli school operates on the grounds of the same theoretical base which is partly made up of the six main principles. The main principles of the Hjalli model dictate the basic values and vision within the school. These values create a school's culture which can also be thought of as the feeling, character and atmosphere within the school.

The first basic principle: Children and parents

The Hjalli Model aims to celebrate each child as it is and respect and recognise the diverse needs of different age groups, genders and individuals. Each school shall also respect children’s freedom of choice and different interests so that each child is able to reach their potential.

The second basic principle: Staff

The Hjalli Model aims to promote positivity, happiness and caring amongst staff members as well as in their communications with children, parents and whoever else they might work with.

The third basic principle: Environment

The Hjalli Model aims to create a community within each school where balance, simplicity and transparency guide the schedule, environment and equipment, with school rules being visible and tangible. The purpose of this is to provide children with an understandable and manageable environment based on their age, development and abilities.

The fourth basic principle: Materials

The Hjalli Model aims to provide children with play and learning materials which enable creativity and imagination to be paramount to each child’s diverse and individual experience.

The fifth basic principle: Nature

The Hjalli Model aims to teach children to appreciate and enjoy a natural environment and to respect the environment with sustainability, conservation and moderation as well as with care and recycling.

The sixth basic principle: Community

The Hjalli Model aims to train discipline and behaviour using positivity and warmth while at the same time also using direct and straightforward methods. A controlled manner can be achieved with precision and consistency which leads to both feelings of security and freedom for all in a calm and peaceful school environment, which in turn leads to responsible participation within a democratic society.